Hidden Cave Ranch is home of several geldings. We use them during our guided trail rides, lessons and promotional events like, Horse Expo’s, Breyerfest and shows. We are welcoming a lot of visitors and guests who stay at our B&B. Most people are either new to horses, or have allergies to horses and come to “test” and meet and greet our Curlies.We have geldings who are born and raised here, been in a situation they needed to be rescues or purchased.

Meet our handsome guys:

HCR Moose*During the winter of 2010 it was brought to our attention that several horses needed to be rehomed from MI or they would go to auction. We took in Moose together with a mare called Kayla.When Moose arrived from Michigan to Kentucky I was in shock. He was only 2 years old and he looked horrible. Very undeveloped, weak, skinny and full of worms.It took at least a year before he even looked like a 2 year old and he finally started to blossom. We had him gelded and slowly started his training.Today Moose is our super safe trail horse and gave many, many riders, happy trails and riding lessons. Moose is a typical example of a diamond in the rough who is now so very valuable to us in many ways.   

Warrior Freedom*When I started my riding program I was looking for a gelding for myself to ride. Browsing on the internet my eye caught this young gelding at the age of two (in 2010).He looked so much like my horse Spirit, who I raised and brought with me from the Netherlands to Kentucky (not a Curly Horse). Same expression same color, and it turned out they almost have the same character..not the easiest horses, but once you convinced them to do what you are asking, they will give you 200%. Freedom is a very good lesson horse in the arena but needs a more experienced rider on the trails with “soft hands”. He is a sensitive yet smart and can be a little hard headed at some times. I love his outstanding conformation and his love for water. Freedom and my Dutch horse Spirit are a great team and good friends. 

 HCR Mayhim* 

This funny little gelding came to us trough a fellow Curly horse breeder. He his mostly called Mayhem! He is the clown at the ranch. Always friendly and in for a game. He absolutely LOVES children and makes sure he is very careful with them. He is an excellent trail horse and always in to go do something. Many of our guest had enjoyed the rides he shared with them. 

 WWW Blue Eyed Jake*  

Jake is a Curly gelding with TWH and Clydesdale blood. He is a super sweet horse and always in to please you. Many people who were afraid to ride or insecure, Jake would take care of them and give them the time of their lives.

Unfortunately Jake got cancer in 2015. He had surgery and lost his blue eye. He was doing very well but then it came back later that year. He is still battling but not giving up and as long he is still fighting, so are we. We are treating him with several herbs, special diet and immune builders. I pray every day we can enjoy this super friendly boy for many more years.

 HCR George* 

What a story with this boy. Abandoned for many years together with 4 other Curly horses. George came to the Hidden Cave Ranch from Kansas with Jim, Cinderella, Sam (now lives in Indiana) and Woody (now lives in Germany). So scared and no trust in people. But all so friendly and with such a big try. George is now trained to ride and finally realizes not all people are bad and scary. He is very sweet and tries to do whatever he is asked to do. It won’t take much longer before he will be giving fantastic rides to our guests. 

HCR Jimmy*

Jimmy came in with the group from Kansas aka the Kansas five. Jim is the oldest and possible George his brother. It took Jimmy a long time to show any trust in people, but he already stayed friendly. Even though he was so scared he never showed any type of aggression. He is around 18 years old now (2016) and will be started under saddle soon in his own pace, whatever he will give me is good, he is such a kind hearted special horse.