We have several stallions at the Hidden Cave Ranch and each one has given valuable and wonderful contributions to our foals.

During breeding season they each have their own band of mares. In winter time all the stallions live together, which goes very well.
We are pleased that they get along so well and we don’t have to keep them solitaire. Now they are able to hang out together, groom, run and play. In some instances they raise the colts until they fly out to their new homes.

Character is our number one goal in our breeding program. Conformation is also very important and a nice color and curls are a bonus. 


Lydiker* ABC 3854 


We purchased Lydiker in 2009 as a yearling and hoped he would be our main breeding stud. He made our dream come true and grew out to be an outstanding stallion with a great personality. Lydiker is jet black and super naturally gaited. He is a pleasure to look at with his smooth gait, his shinny black curly coat, and long dreadlock mane.
His character is very easy going, he is well behaved and easy to train. He passes his character on to his foals. Each and every one of them are easy going, sweet and gorgeous like their sire. He is such a gentleman, is careful with the foals and he treats his ladies with respect. 


Yuwipi * ABC


Yuwipi, what can you say…look at this gorgeous colt. He will be added to our breeding program in 2016 as our main stallion. 
He is DNA tested and is confirmed homozygous for tobiano. We will have some colorful foals in the future.
Stay tuned and watch him grow up at the Hidden Cave Ranch.


 FFS Simitar Legacy* ABC 3709 (sold)


“Mac” is a proven Stallion who produced many good quality foals. He passes on his good looks, moves and his great character with great success. Mac is very easy to handle even with other stallions and mares around. He rides smooth and is a great horse to work with. He is one of the rare Palomino Curly Stallions out there.

Mac is now living at a another breeding farm with his mares and loving human family.


 HCR Friendly Bob* ICHO (gelded)

Bob came to the Hidden Cave Ranch very unexpected with an unknown history. But what a blessing he is. He is a true gentle giant. With his almost 16H he is an impressive guy. He has a beautiful dun color with a dorsal stripe. He has a nice tick crushed velvet winter coat, very curly fetlocks and still has some curls in his summer coat. And what a character. He is very intelligent, sensitive and loving. We had his DNA tested and came very close to his ancestry but not close enough to have him ABCR registered.

Because of his outstanding character and conformation we decided to stand him at stud in 2014. And wow 3 most gorgeous foals where born in 2015. Unfortunately when breeding season was over Bob fell into a depression and we made the most difficult decision. We had him gelded. He blossomed back up and he is now the leading horse during the guided trail rides at the Hidden Cave Ranch.