About us

Marion de Roos is the co-founder of the Hidden Cave Ranch. She brings solid business acumen to the Company.  In addition to founding and managing her own companies in The Netherlands, she has studied and received certifications and degrees in Homeopathy, Neuropathic Medicine, and Holistic Veterinary Medicine. As the CEO of Hidden Cave Ranch, she is in charge of the ranch and Bed & Breakfast operations, horse breeding, educational programs, and marketing for the business.

The Bashkir Curly breed is a rare hypoallergenic and intelligent horse, perfect for equine therapy for children. Because this species is rare in the United States and worldwide, Marion has been committed to breeding the race since 2010, and now expands these services as well as rehabilitating horses with her preventive care expertise.

Marion recognized a need for rehabilitation, education, and program development based on her passion for the Bashkir Curly horses and addresses the growing demand for well-trained, intelligent horses that can be used for therapy, trail rides, and horseback riding lesson under the brand “Healing Hoves” since 2021. She also dedicates resources to educating horse owners and managers on holistic preventive care and nutrition appropriate for the breed.