Hidden Cave Moose

Hidden Cave Moose

During the winter of 2010, it was brought to our attention that several horses needed to be re-homed from MI or they would go to auction. We took in Moose together with a mare called Kayla. When Moose arrived from Michigan to Kentucky I was in shock. He was only 2 years old and he looked horrible. Very undeveloped, weak, skinny and full of worms. It took a year before he even looked like a 2-year-old and he finally started to blossom. We had him gelded and slowly started his training. Today Moose is our super safe trail horse and gave many, many riders, happy trails and riding lessons. Moose is a typical example of a diamond in the rough who is now so very valuable to us in many ways.   

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  1. Anne Chida says:

    Is moose still available?

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