Hidden Cave Illuminated Gibbous Moon

Hidden Cave Illuminated Gibbous Moon

Barn name Gibbs

Born April 20 2022

Sire: Stagcreek Yuwipi

Dam: SFT Savannah

Gibbs, wow what a looker. He got his beautiful blue eyes, just like his Sire Yuwipi, long legs like his Dam Savannah.

But not only his color, he also has the most beautiful trot which makes him a good sport horse prospect. But I would also not rule him out as a breeding stallion with his unique genes.

He has a willing character once he knows his handler. He is very smart and picks up easily what is asked of him.

He is DNA tested.

2 variants KRT25 which makes him HOMOZYGOUS for curls!

Color: 1 gene,  White, Buckskin, Tobiano, Overo, Blue eyes possible , Tovero, Creme, lethal white.

2 dominant agouti variants!

2 curiousity variants.

Endurance type myostatin.

Health: all gentic diseases are tested NEG including PSSM1


Price SOLD!