Hidden Cave Mocha Lynn

Hidden Cave Mocha Lynn

ABC 05-14-2015

Sire: Friendly Bob ICHO    

Dam: CC Heartfires Spark ABC



Mocha is our ONLY filly from our stallion (now gelding) Friendly Bob. Gorgeous dark bay with a dark countershade dorsal stripe. She is a big boned stocky girl. This chocolate dark colored girl is going to be tall!

When she was born and took her first steps, she came walking right up, like hello here I am. She is such a sweet filly. Every time we have visitors, Mocha comes right up to get the attention. She has reached the age to be trained. You can take her into any direction you want her to be, dressage, western, endurance..or she will make a great addition to your breeding program.


  1. HorseWeb says:

    Mocha is really great! I would like to buy this horse. Is she still for sale? I own a horse farm in Texas and would like Mocha to be the newbie there.

    1. admin says:

      Hi I am really sorry, but Mocha is already sold.

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