Miss Gloria

Miss Gloria, she is a cute little palomino with tobiano markings. She was very shy and insecure when she came as a yearling to the Hidden Cave Ranch. She’s a little shenanigan but super sweet. She are expecting her first foal in the spring of 2021.

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty is a 39″ red roan non curly mare with a nice stocky conformation and a super friendly character. She has 1 foal with Gunsmoke, Annie Oakley. Annie moved to her new owners in Kentucky.


Hidden Cave Ranch is proud owner of mini stallion Gunsmoke. He is a really handsome buckskin with a friendly character. On April 15 2018 we welcomed his first filly. Annie Oakley, as we named her is like a carbon copy of him. Her dam Miss Kitty is a roan non curly pony.